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This charge covers the clinicians time for checking if you are due repeats, ensuring that the repeats requested are currently necessary and preparing the prescription. 

Doctors are required to see patients every 6-12 months to ensure that the current medications are appropriate and you have had no changes in health status.  The doctor is has a medico-legal responsibility to ensure prescribing is appropriate.

Depending on which medication you are on we are required to monitor your blood pressure regularly.  If you have your own blood pressure machine you are welcome to advise us of a recent reading.  Most pharmacies will also take a reading for you that you can call in to us.  Otherwise please ensure you have some time to have your blood pressure taken when collecting your prescription from the front desk.  

No, these are not accurate enough for a clinical reading.

There is limited parking at the rear of the building for patients with mobility issues.  Please allow time to find a park on the street or nearby and walk to your appointment. 

Our nurses run clinics and assist the doctors with their clinics each day. A typical day could see them assisting with excisions, undertaking diabetic or asthma reviews, administering vaccinations and taking blood pressures, as well as attending to general inquiries, prescription requests and requests for lab results.   Any messages left are generally responded to within 24 hours.  

Dodson Medical welcomes feedback.  Please email [email protected] with any compliments, complaints or suggestions.  

You also have the right to take a complaint directly to an independent advocate at any stage.  You can contact the Health & Disability Advocacy service on 0800 11 22 33.

The doctor or nurse will contact you if there is something in your results that requires follow up.

You will not routinely be contacted if your results are normal. 

The best way to receive your test results is to sign up to our patient portal (ConnectMed) when you are next in clinic.  Once the doctor has seen the results they will be loaded for you to see.