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Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

What Vitamin C Does

Vitamin C is used every day by our bodies:

When we are ill, injured or infected, our bodies need to replace the extra vitamin C that gets used up. Unlike most animals, we cannot make it internally ourselves.

A good diet is helpful. Some people also take supplements. However, the human digestive system limits how much vitamin C we can absorb orally. Putting higher doses directly into the bloodstream does reach the body’s cells in greater amounts.

Only registered doctors and nurses can administer intravenous vitamin C.

Research shows that significant doses of vitamin C may help people deal better with health conditions and challenges – such as persistent viral and bacterial infections, cancers, wounds, ulcers and pressure sores.

  • Infections– Vitamin C may help with bacterial infections (eg: sepsis, pneumonia, cellulitis) and viral infections (eg: colds, glandular fever, herpes, shingles).
  • Immune Support– Vitamin C promotes the function of immune cells and protects them from oxidation.
  • Tissue Damage– Vitamin C is involved in all phases of wound and injury healing. It enhances production of collagen, antioxidant activity and immune cell function.


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IV Vitamin C Fees Registered Patient Casual Patient

Initial Consult - 30 min

Initial Consult - 15 min





IV Vitamin C Procedure $260 $260

Note - Your GP will advise length of initial consult



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The information provided here is only for general reference and cannot replace personalised professional medical advice from a doctor. You are welcome to discuss any points during your consultation with our doctors.