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Asthma, Chronic Airways Disease and Spirometry

Asthma and Chronic Airways Disease Clinics

Do you wake at night short of breath or coughing?

Does that hill look too big to climb?

Do you use a relieving inhaler 3 or more times per week?

Do you need to have your inhaler with you whenever you exercise?

If so, these are some of the signs that you need to see your Practice Nurse for a respiratory assessment.

At Dodson Medical Centre in consultation with our GPs, we offer free regular nursing assessment for patients with Asthma and Chronic Airways Disease.

The GASP (Giving Airways Support to Patients) programme created by a local Asthma Nurse Specialist Wendy McNaughton, can help us assess if your airways disease is being managed in the best way. We can help you to achieve better quality of life by optimising the management of your Asthma or Chronic Airways Disease. We also offer Spirometry at a small cost for those needing more advanced lung function testing.